It is critical that all client materials and information that Verztec share with our vendors are strictly protected. Kindly go through the list below on the basic ways to protect confidential materials, as well as the vendor's own IT security. We encourage you to comply with these practices in your engagement with Verztec. Should the client's materials be compromised due to non-compliance, you may be held legally responsible.

When handling of confidential materials:

  1. Please do not send the confidential materials to unauthorized personnel via emails.
  2. Please do not fax the confidential materials to unauthorized personnel.
  3. Please do not upload the confidential materials to unauthorized web/online services (e.g. Google translate, Dropbox, unsecured FTP,, Wetransfer)
  4. Please do not allow viewing of the confidential materials to unauthorized personnel on your computer.
  5. Please do not reuse the confidential materials in your portfolio.
  6. Please do not leave any hardcopies of the confidential materials unattended in the open.

On preventing unauthorised access of confidential materials from other personnel (e.g. hackers, general public):

  1. Please keep your software up to date to prevent possible exploits on your computer
  2. Please do not install or use any P2P file-sharing software (e.g. LimeWire, Morpheus).
  3. Please use a firewall when connected to any network.
  4. Please use antivirus software to scan files (e.g. from email, internet, thumbdrive) before opening or installing them.
  5. Please set a strong password for accessing your computer locally or remotely. A strong password:
    • Is at least eight characters long.
    • Does not contain your user name, real name, or company name.
    • Does not contain a complete word.
    • Is significantly different from previous passwords.
    • Contains characters from each of the following four categories - uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols
  6. Please lock your computer or device when not in use (e.g. lunch break).
  7. Please avoid letting anyone have physical access to your computer or device which stores confidential materials.
  8. Please turn off your internet connection during long periods of idle. (i.e.: turn it off before the end of the day, or before you go to sleep).
  9. Please securely erase (shift+delete) any confidential materials from the computer or device when you no longer have any use for it.
  10. In the event that it is necessary to keep a copy of the translation, transcription or other assigned work project, please try to store the confidential materials on an encrypted, offline drive.

Payment Fees Notice:

  1. Payment Related Notice: Please note that the beneficiary bears all charges of the banks engaged in the transfer of the payment. If you wish to accumulate your payment till a substantial amount for bank wire, please indicate it clearly in your invoice.

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